So you want to start feeling sexier?

So you want to start feeling sexier?

First of all, celebrate yourself for clicking onto this blog post. I am so proud that you are ready to put yourself first & start feeling sexier in your own skin, because you are a fine piece of ass & it’s about time you start believing it! 


The very first thing you’re going to do to start feeling sexier is… create a Sexy Menu! This is a list of things that you can do every single day to make yourself feel sexier, more confident & ready to step into the world. 


Your menu can look something like: 


  • Create a sex playlist (find mine by searching Sophia Calvi on Spotify) 
  • Take dance classes 
  • Dance in my car on the way to work 
  • Wear sexy undies 
  • Have panty free Friday’s! 
  • Buy delicious lingerie 
  • Have 20 minutes of solo play 
  • Take a yummy bath 
  • Buy new clothes that I feel amazing in 
  • Wear red lipstick 
  • Get dressed up for no reason 
  • Take thirst traps 
  • Get my hair & nails done 
  • Pamper myself 


Everyone has a different flavour so find what works for you & commit to doing at least one thing every single day that makes you feel super fucking hot! 


Feeling sexy has absolutely nothing to do with how you appear on the outside & everything to do with how you feel on the inside. If someone tells you they love you in heels but you feel sexier in flats, wear flats. If you feel like wearing red lipstick just to go grocery shopping, wear red lipstick. Do whatever the hell makes you feel spicy because your sexy energy will be felt by everyone & it’s what makes you attractive. 


Have you ever come across a woman that enters a room & just owns it? You can feel the confidence oozing off her, everyone turns to look at her, everyone notices her, everyone wants to talk to her. She’s magnetizing, she’s alluring & maybe even a little intimidating. She may not be a Victoria's Secret supermodel but there’s something about her that just makes her so god damn… sexy! This my love, is her energy & it’s something you can easily have too. 


When it comes to feeling sexy every day, consistency is your best friend. Doing small things daily is what’s going to build unshakable confidence overtime. This type of confidence is second to none. It’s the type that doesn’t shatter no matter what someone says or does to you. No matter how many ‘failures’ or ‘rejections’ you come across. No matter what life throws your way. No matter how many ups & downs. You know that you are the bee’s knees regardless of what happens & nothing can change this. 


Yes, you might have days where self doubt creeps in. Someone might hurt your feelings or something might bring you down… but the difference is, it doesn’t rattle your confidence. You know you’re worthy, you know you’re enough & you know you’re fucking incredible no matter what. Consistency is what’s going to get you here! 


The next thing I want you to do is to learn to love & accept every inch of your beautiful body. We all have insecurities, we all have parts we deem ‘unideal’, but the more we accept them, the more full, happy & loving our life becomes. 


Here are a couple easy ways you can start doing this now: 


Affirmations are incredibly effective in retraining your brain to develop new beliefs (in all areas of life but especially when it comes to body image). When you notice yourself talking down on your body, stop the thought & replace it with a positive affirmation such as “I am sexy as fuck” or “I love & accept myself”. If this feels like a stretch, start with “I’m learning to love myself”. Over time your brain will start replacing those limiting beliefs with new, empowering stories. 


Stop focusing so much on diet & the “perfect” workout regime & do what feels good for you. I used to obsess over every single thing I ate & would force myself to do a workout every day which only led to overwhelming stress. Nowadays, I intuitively pick what I’m going to eat, move in ways my body loves & rest when I’m being called to rest. I hardly think about food & exercise, I eat a lot more & have no workout schedule… and guess what? My body is the most toned it’s ever been. So please - forget what Jack & Jill are telling you & start listening to what your body is crying out for - she has the superpower! 


Last but not least… masturbate baby! Solo play is one of the deepest forms of self love. It’s a time that allows us to connect to our bodies, our pussies & our pleasure. I love to have a range of different toys at bay & ask my pussy what she wants to play with, what kind of scene she wants set up, what’s going to turn her on today & how long she’d like to go for. Just like you don’t want to have the same routine sex with a partner, you don’t want to have the same masturbation practice with yourself. Be open to exploring & trying new things. Figure out what your pussy likes, what she doesn’t like, what keeps her going, what she’s open to. 


And while we’re on the topic of pussy, I encourage you to start speaking to her daily. Pussy owners do not use the power & wisdom of their pussy nearly enough (otherwise we would all be walking around like Beyoncé). 

When it comes to making any decision in work, health, love, relationships & life, tune into what she wants & follow it. I promise you, she will guide you to the most delicious places! 


If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to reach out! I am always happy to help & no question is off limits.


Written by Sophia Calvi 


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