2 Girls - One Vision


With our Founder based in Australia, and our business partner based in Aotearoa, we've tagged teamed to empower wahine every day, by normalizing the korero and act of self-love.

As mums, we have both been through the rollercoasters of our bodies, and sexual confidence and energy changing after having children.

Chelsea started the Lushious play Journey by making it a priority to gain back her confidence and started by exploring sex toys.

It was so empowering that she asked her 'if this is how we felt; how many others would benefit from this?!'

From this, Lushious Play was born in 2021, and Tash became part of the vibe and our long-distance sisterhood has been stiff ever since.

  • Normalize the topic of self-love.

    It's normal to explore yourself and find out what makes you feel good. Normalizing the conversation creates a space for people to express their boundaries and desires while releasing their pleasures in a healthy and safe way.

  • Support & Educate you.

    Through better education and support, you can make informed choices about how you will engage in sexual activities with yourself and others.

    With the help of industry experts, guest bloggers, and our sexology training, we will share lots of facts, tips and tricks with you.

  • Have feel-good fun

    We're sharing our own experiences - the good, the bad, the funny, and face-palming moments that we have all been through.

    Through these relatable moments, we want wahine to feel confident having fun with themselves and our toys.