Let us answer any questions you have, so you can have a happy ending.

(NOTE: We are not licensed sexual health professionals - just a couple of wahine who enjoy a good vibe and are keen to normalize the korero and act of self-pleasure.)

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best way to wash the girls?

It's really simple 2-step process.

1. Clean your toys with warm water & antibacterial soap - before & after each use.

Do not use organic detergents containing alcohol or acetone to clean your toy.

2. Wipe them dry with a clean, lint-free cloth.

We recommend storing them in a cool, clean & dry area away from direct sunlight to keep them in their best condition.

Will the courier know what they are delivering?

No way girl! We keep our promise when it comes to discreet packaging.

There is no mention of the words vibrator, sex toy, sex or adult entertainment anywhere - and our courier bags and boxes are plain.

Do I need batteries?

HECK NO! Wouldn't that be a turn-off?!
All of our toys come with rechargeable USB cables for easy and convenient recharging.

What if I lose my charger?

Not to worry - we have replacements USB Charger cables available.